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Techinspire ( CRM Software Development Company India ) offers for all other small and medium businesses. As we let you inform about customer relationship management. CRM Software is a kind of software that makes encircle a broad set of applications and software. CRM Software Specially designed for help in businesses to manage customer data and contact costumers. Moreover, we practically get business information, manage employees, customer support, and automate sales as well as vender and partnerships. Generally, CRM Software used in the project, and there are many product levels in every kind of business.


How we can help you?

Sales Management

  • Lead Routing
  • Opportunity Management
  • Lead & Opportunity Analytics
  • Customer Info & History
  • Contact Management

Marketing Automation

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Analyze Trend & Behavior
  • Business Intelligence
  • Campaign Management
  • Bulk E-mail & Whatsapp
  • Contents

Support Management

  • Support Ticketing
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Membership
  • Call Center & Voip Integration
  • Product Tracking

Business Management

  • Project Management
  • Task Management
  • Document Management
  • Resource Management
  • Time    Management
  • Delivery Management


Easy to use CRM Software

  • Spend less time learning how to use it.
  • Quick lead capturing as easy as possible.
  • Fully functional sales platform.
  • Visual experience, Reports & Analytics.
  • A consistent way of working on all devices.

Customizable CRM Software

  • Software are tailored to your exact needs.
  • Better Integration with Your Business Operations
  • Custom Module
  • Unique User Interface
  • Custom Fields & Reports Analytics

Easy Integration CRM Software

  • Email and Calendar Synchronization
  • Marketing automation :
  • Document Management
  • Customer Support: IVR, Voice Logging/Monitoring
  • Accounting and Purchasing: ERP Integration

Niche Based CRM

  • Match with your Business Workflow
  • Keep your company organized
  • It makes communication easier
  • Track customer journey your way

Cloud-Based CRM

  • Easy installation
  • Seamless access to data
  • Affordable product
  • High-security levels
  • Flexible Potential

Third Party Integration

  • Email and Calendar Synchronization
  • Marketing automation :
  • Document Management
  • Customer Support :IVR, Voice Logging/Monitoring
  • Accounting and Purchasing: ERP Integratio

CRM Software For Your Industry

Customized, Ready to Use CRM Software, Pre-Configured for Your Industry

Our Other Custom Software

Multi-Level Marketing(MLM)

Techinspire produces MLM software for every multi-level marketing (MLM) company. It is added the best and unique program in our Techinspire online. These software features are much enabled to administrate directly selling a business successfully in the path of success. As customers are well aware of the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business is growing daily. Our user-friendly, secure, and reliable provides tracking easily to customers, different types of reporting about sales. It is Also an Analytical presentation in ranked structure.

mlm software company
techinspire Hospital Management Software India

Hospital Management Software

Techinspire designed and developed hospital management software for the multi-specialty hospital as we want to tell you that there was no such provision in the hospital to manage all kinds of records and management facilities. Because of missing some tasks and long work to keep maintenance. Techinspire thought about providing such facilities for the hospital that maintenance and come out of the pressure at all.

School Management Software

This School Software is intended to streamline the communication among guardians and teachers while diminishing information section exertion through mobile or tablet and have a bilingual alternative to make the communication effective for guardians from various regions. Our School Software is coordinated, which can be customized as per the requirements of the school. It ensures that all data should be put away electronically, and the school management system is a difficulty-free process. On the off chance that you have for quite some time been in look for an effective, secure, and adaptable school accounting software, this is your best pick.

techinspire School Management Software

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